FAQs document shredder

The cutting performance of the file shredder is decreasing and an increasing noise is developing.

The cutting unit should be oiled if cutting performance decreases, a noise develops and after emptying the paper container. Inject the special oil over the entire width of the feed slot onto the blade shafts. Then, press the back arrow key to reverse the cutting unit until all paper residues are released. The oiling of cutting units with strip cut improves the cutting performance and avoids squeaking noises resulting from jammed paper residues.

The document shredder only runs backwards and not forwards.

First check if the switching bracket for paper detection is jammed. In this case, you can "unlatch" the paper detection again. It may also be that the switching bracket is broken. The micro-switch that is attached behind the switching bracket could also be defective, or the rocker switch for setting "forward/backward" is defective. In such cases, please contact our customer service.

The document shredder does not turn off; it runs in "continuous mode".

Disconnect the machine from the power supply and please first check if the switching bracket on the feed slot is jammed. You can "unlock" this easily yourself. If you notice that the cutting unit is stiff, oil the cutting shafts and then restart the machine. If the follow-on control does not work reliably, please contact our customer service.

The shredder does not draw in any paper, even though the engine is running.

First, check if the feeding slot above the cutting unit is clogged or blocked. The fault is remedied when the paper is removed.
However, if the fault is accompanied by an unusual noise, broken gear wheels could be the cause. If there are no unusual noises, the cutting rollers might be worn. In such cases, please contact our customer service.

The document shredder does not start.

If the engine is overheated, you should let the machine cool down for 15-20 minutes and then try again. Also check for correct positioning of the cut paper container in the floor unit. The rocker switch must be "Arrow up". If the machine does not start after checking this step, please contact our customer service.

A paper jam occurred during shredding.

If a paper jam occurred, pressing the back arrow key can reverse the paper. If this does not remove the paper jam, soften the blockage with plenty of special cutting block oil for about 60 minutes. The paper can then be pressed down using a thin piece of cardboard. Please ensure that you machine is switched on while pressing down so that the engine can provide support in removing the blockage. If the paper jam cannot be removed by the described procedure, please contact our customer service.

The engine of the document shredder hums but the machine does not switch on.