The high quality materials and proven HSM "Made in Germany" quality guarantee you are receiving a safe and durable machine.
Pure Made in Germany
The induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers with a lifetime warranty can easily cope with staples and paper clips and guarantee durability.
Pure Vollstahl-Schneidwellen
The powerful motor ensures a high cutting capacity and reliable continuous operation.
Pure Dauerbetrieb
The paper feed with overload protection reduces paper jams and sustains the high throughput of paper.
Pure Anti-Papierstau Funktion
The intelligent energy-saving management system saves energy due to the sleep mode and automatic shutdown when the document shredder is not in use.
Pure Energiesparend
User safety is paramount. A slight pressure on the safety element immediately stops the paper feed and prevents unintentional entry into the machine.
Pure Sicherheitselement - mit Druck
An integrated light barrier automatically starts the device when paper is introduced into the feed and automatically stops it after shredding is complete.
Pure Bedienung Lichtschranke
For convenience, there are castors on the document shredder so it is easy to move around.
Pure Rollen
The quiet operating mode minimises noise development in the workplace which is an important consideration for your staff.
Pure Leiser Betrieb
The waste container can be easily removed and emptied.
Pure Herausnehmbarer Auffangbehälter
The full bin is indicated via the display and the machine switches off automatically.
Pure Abschaltung Behälter voll
The filling level of the waste container can be seen at all times through the inspection window.
Pure Sichtfenster
The trendy white colour adds to the attraction of the timeless machine design.
Pure Design
Technical data "HSM Pure 420 - 1.9 x 15mm"
Order number: 2342811
EAN: 4026631054898
Field of application: office
Cutting type: particle cut
Cutting width: 1,9 mm
Particle length: 15 mm
Security level (DIN 66399): E-4|F-2|P-5|T-5
Cutting capacity in sheets 80g/m²: 9 - 11
Cutting speed: 65 mm/s
Throughput capacity paper: 17
Power consumption: 500 W
Voltage / Frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz
Intake width: 240 mm
Container volume / collecting: 35 l
Noise level (idle operation): ca. 56dB(A)
Width x Depth x Height: 397 x 293 x 621 mm
Weight: 20,5 kg
Colour: white
Shredder material: Paper, Staples and paper clips, Credit card
Protection class DIN 66399: 2 - high, 3 - very high
Size: 2.93 MB
Size: 2.86 MB
Size: 2.86 MB
Size: 2.86 MB
Size: 2.85 MB
Size: 2.86 MB