Dust extractor HSM DE 4-100 - //

Entstauber HSM DE 4-100

Dust extractor HSM DE 4-100 - //

HSM DE 4-100 dust extractor The powerful and energy efficient dust extractor in dust... more

HSM DE 4-100 dust extractor

The powerful and energy efficient dust extractor in dust classification M ensures an optimal extraction due to the high air flow volume, thereby reducing dust emissions. The model is suitable for connection to the HSM Powerline FA 400.2 and FA 500.3 heavy duty document shredders as well as HSM Powerline SP 4040 V, SP 5080 and SP 5088 shredder baler combinations.

Entstauber Made in Germany
The use of high quality materials combined with HSM's proven "Made in Germany" high manufacturing standard ensures that the product is both safe and durable for the user.
Entstauber Staubklasse M
The dust extractor meets the requirements of dust classification M.
Entstauber Filterreinigung automatisch
Due to the fully automatic filter cleaning, the dust extractor can be operated continuously.
Entstauber Leiser Betrieb
The quiet operating mode minimises noise development in the workplace which is an important consideration for your staff.
Entstauber Staubsammelschublade
The disposal of the dust is simple, due to the mobile dust collection drawer with a collection bin which can be easily removed.
Entstauber Lenkrollen/Feststellbremse
The device can be used on a mobile basis due to the convenient handles and has smooth-running, stable castors with a parking brake.
Technical data "Dust extractor HSM DE 4-100 - //"
Order number: 2411114
EAN: 4026631070843
Driving power: 2,2 kW
Voltage / Frequency: 400 V / 50 Hz
Container volume / collecting: 42 l
Width x Depth x Height: 1460 x 935 x 1440 mm
Max. negative pressure: 2600 Pa
Max. volume flow: 2000 m³/h
Filter area: 10 m²
Dust classification: M
Zugehörige Produktlinie: Powerline
Use for device type: SP 5088, SP 5080, FA 500.3